On Almodovar

“The most difficult thing about Volver has been writing its synopsis. My films are becoming more and more difficult to tell and summarize in a few lines. Fortunately, this difficulty has not been reflected in the work of the actors, or of the crew. The shooting of Volver went like clockwork. I guess I enjoyed it more because the last shoot (Bad Education) was absolute hell. I had forgotten what it was like to shoot without having the feeling of being permanently on the edge of the abyss. This doesn’t mean that Volver is better than my previous film, (in fact, I’m very proud of having made Bad Education), just that this time I suffered less. In fact, I didn’t suffer at all. In any case, Bad Education confirmed something essential for me (which I had discovered already, in Matador and Live Flesh): you can’t throw in the towel. Even if you’re convinced that your work is a disaster, you have to keep fighting for every shot, every repetition, every look, every silence, every tear. You mustn’t lose an iota of enthusiasm even if you’re in despair. The passing of time gives you another perspective and at times things weren’t as bad as you thought.” – Almodovar

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