Aug 11

Of Shapes and Patterns

Jan 11

An Intimate Immensity

“Cut off my arm. I say, ‘Me and my arm.’ You cut off my other arm. I say, ‘Me and my two arms.’ You take out, take out my stomach, my kidneys, assuming that were possible. And I say, ‘Me and my intestines.’ And now, if you cut off my head. Would I say, ‘Me and my head’ or ‘Me and my body’? What right has my head to call itself me?” Polanski in Le Locataire.


May 10


I’ve been teaching Asian Film History for almost 3 years now. That’s about 6-7 semesters of about 60 students each. Every semester, I’ll have at least one student who would fail the module. Usually, they are also people I’ve hardly met. This semester is no exception. Of course, I do not think that school or passing exams is top priority to everyone. There were probably reasons why they did not turn up for class. Something happened to their families; to them; break-down; disinterest; relationship problems; money woes; etc. I wish I can do more. I hope they are okay.

Aug 09

Godard In A Car

Godard Collage 1

Aug 09

Godard and the Moon

Godard collage 2